I’m Billie, a Digital Media Creative student at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

I enjoy working with ideation methods, creating new concepts, agile processes, digital transformation and new challenges. I learn best by doing. I also work as a Junior Copywriter. 

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Things I'm proud of


Four week project at Hyper Island, working in teams. Brief: Create an interactive exhibition using technology, with the theme Raw Answers.

Me and my team created a swinging journey through space. A swing was hung from the ceiling on stage at Nobelberget in Stockholm, in front of a large projection. As you started swinging, you slowly swung away from earth and into space. Check out the VIDEO.

Main tools and learnings: Arduino, Resolume Arena 5, Adobe After Effects and a position censor. Team building, ideation methods, creative research. 

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I am currently working as a freelance Junior Copywriter for Kista Galleria and Liljeholmstorget, amongst other malls in Sweden. My main task is to write social media updates, and to contribute to the magazine Citylife with interviews and features. 



Skandia. Market research, digital strategy, design sprints. 

Doctors without borders. Ideation methods, agile methods, communication strategy. 

Philips. Circular economy solutions, user testing, A/B testing.

Electrolux. Digital strategy, design thinking.

Alcro. User research, market research, personas, ideation methods. 

Fonden för Exportutveckling. Prototyping, creative research. 

Loop54. Internal structure, analyzing markets, problem solving. 

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Some about me

I'm from Stockholm. I'm currently an intern at creative digital agency Battalion in Berlin - and I'm looking for another internship from February 2018.

I lived in Japan, and I do speak basic 日本語. I like techno, food, walking and to listen to podcasts about UFO's.

You can check out my LINKEDIN, or my HYPER ISLAND PROFILE. Or, just GET IN TOUCH